We provide you a fast, official and independent appraisal; accepted by all major banks in Holland. When required for: financing, closing existing mortgage, renovation, settling a divorce. The costs are usually income-tax deductible. Most banks now require a validated report, in accordance with the NWWI. René Wijkhuizen is entitled to these valuations as a certified and registered broker-appraiser NWWI, under number: RMT. 07.807.5.5652. See below for our rates!

Application form NWWI valuation

For a fully accepted and validated “taxatie’ report through our office for NWWI. Fill out the application form HERE. Or contact our office HERE.


Or do you have an official abbreviated appraisal/estimate needed? For a bridging loan or property sale. Which is accepted by all banks. Costs € 195, - ex VAT. In the case of sale, we will deduct these expenses from our fee.